Runt of the Litter | Disney Wiki | Fandom – Runt of the Litter is Chicken Little’s friend and the tritagonist of Disney’s 2005 animated feature film Chicken Little. Runt is much larger than the other children but is far smaller than the other massive members of his family. Runt is easily frightened and prone to panic.

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Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Runt: The Ballad of Todd Rundgren – Todd Rundgren on AllMusic – 1971 – Upon its release, Rolling Stone called The Ballad.

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runt of the litter The smallest and weakest person in a group, especially a group of siblings. (A "litter" is a group of newborn mammals, the smallest of which is least likely to thrive or survive.) Even though I’m the middle child, I’ve always been the runt of the litter in our family—even my younger sister picks on me because she’s taller than I am.

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"Runt" provided a good start to Todd’s stellar solo career, featuring the hit "We Gotta Get You a Woman". I wish this CD issue had included the rare tracks that originally appeared only on a few thousand mispressed copies of the 1970 "Runt" LP ("Say No More",

RUNT blev grundlagt i sommer 2010 ved Tina Jeanne Pedersen – udvalgte projekter i perioden frem til nu, kan ses her. Ingen opgaver er for små eller store – vi samarbejder med eksterne konsulenter for, at kunne løfte de forskelligartede opgaver og størrelser.

Born smaller than others, either an animal or human. 1. a troublemaker (usually a small and cheeky person) 2. someone who goes out of their way to annoy people in a humorous way Originates from two great ancient runts ‘Raphaelues Noethesus’ (Queen Runt) and ‘Doronellius Portnoilithus’ (Junior Vice President Runt).The two caused havoc wherever they could unleashed all sorts of Runtness.

Runt is a future omega. He is one of Humphrey’s and Kate’s three pups. He is a sibling of Stinky and Claudette and the Ship at Magrill He first appears in Alpha And Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure and is seen to be silly and always ready for fun like Humphrey and other omegas. Unlike most wolves, Runt climbs trees as a unique and useful talent. Runt looks almost exactly like his father.

runt definition: The definition of a runt is someone or something that is undersized, or the smallest animal in a litter of animals. (noun) An example of a runt is the pig character Wilbur in the book Charlotte’s Web.


The ice troll runt drop table is somewhat unusual, in that it varies depending on the exact version of monster being killed. In some cases it will roll a table unique to ice trolls, in some cases it will roll the low-level troll table used by mountain trolls, and in some cases it will drop nothing besides bones.

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